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St Andrews Day!

St Andrews Day, which falls on the 30th of November every year – is quickly approaching. Since we live in a town named after the Patron Saint of Scotland, we thought it would be interesting to tell you a few things about Saint Andrew and the day that we celebrate him.

About Saint Andrew

Did you know he’s not just the patron saint of Scotland? Andrew is also the patron saint of Greece, Russia, Barbados, Ukraine, Cyprus and Bulgaria (among others!). As well as countries, he’s also the patron saint of singers, spinsters, maidens, fishmongers, women wanting to be mothers, gout and sore throats!

He was Jesus’ first disciple. Andrew was a fisherman before he and his brother (Saint) Peter became 2 of Jesus’ 12 disciples.

He was crucified on an X-shaped cross on 30th November 60AD by Roman Governor Aegeas. This has been represented by the white cross on the Scottish flag, the Saltire, since at least 1385.

Contrary to popular belief, Saint Andrew was not Scottish! He was born in Bethsaida in Galilee, which is in Israel. He was revered in Scotland from around 1000 AD, but he didn’t become the patron saint until the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320.

How we celebrate

Scotland celebrates St Andrews Day by highlighting Scottish culture with traditional Scottish food, music and dance. It’s seen as the beginning of the Scottish winter festival season, with St Andrews Day, Christmas/Hogmanay and Burns Night.

Various events are held all throughout Scotland. In East Lothian, the Saltire Festival will give you an opportunity to taste a wide range of food and drinks, there will be live music and you can delve into the past through historical experiences. In Edinburgh, you’ll find local markets with street food, sweet treats and seasonal crafts and local storytelling featuring traditional songs, poems and stories. In Dundee, they have the St Andrews Day Fusion Festival, where they link Scotland’s communities by fusing together different styles of music and dance.

Here in St Andrews, we are celebrating St Andrews Day in a few different ways! First of all, all month long, Savour St Andrews is the Food and Drink Festival that takes place every year leading up to the annual St Andrews Day Dinner on the 30th. Several events take place all month with various local food and drink businesses represented (including our own Playfair’s Restaurant!) Our City of St Andrews Pipe Band parades down South Street from 6:30pm on the 25th of November. On the 26th, there is an Open-Air Street Party on Market Street leading up to the switch-on of the festive lights at 6:00pm (and the World’s Largest St Andrews Day Ceilidh with the Kilrymont Ceilidh Band!). Lastly, on St Andrews Day itself, there is an Open Doors event, where the Royal and Ancient Clubhouse, Castle and Cathedral with be open for anyone to come visit – for free! For more information on various events in St Andrews, check out Visit St Andrews.

Are you planning to visit St Andrews for St Andrews Day?


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